November 30, 2009

Wear Speedos!

This is an open letter to all swimming pool managers. Ever since I bought a decent pair of goggles, I’ve enjoyed swimming more. MUCH more.AQUABLADEGOGGLE_xl

Who cares? You should. Before my goggles, I was going swimming once a week (whenever my son was having lessons – I couldn’t handle parent-to-parent conversations about swimming progress and smugness about all the potential drowners out there). The swimming was so painful, I was doubtful I could manage 10 swims before July. My eyes would sting for 24 hours after each dip.

After goggles, I doubled my frequency, and some weeks I felt like going three times in a week. I even listened in to people’s lessons and finally learned how to breathe properly too. I’ve become a better swimmer, all thanks to my Speedos (goggles). Now in Costa Rica I swim 25 (mini) laps every day

Like Gillette giving away razors so people will buy blades, and drug dealers giving away drugs (well you get the point), you need to either give away, discount, or lend goggles to everyone that isn’t wearing them. Give people the sense of sight under water (helps stay within the lines), reduce the pain, and you’ll get bigger numbers very soon.

This is a brand truth – find a way to get people to realise that they’ve done something different, something that’s changed their life for the better, and make sure they associate that new feeling with YOUR brand (in this case both the pool and Speedo get multiple brand credits from my brain).

Goggle companies and swimming pools unite! You have a symbiotic responsibility to make people use and abuse.

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