This is the rumoured 2010 Arsenal shirt according to Arseblog.

Screen shot 2010-03-22 at 10.17.33

If this actually comes together, my despair with the emptiness of sports marketing may assuage slightly.

To pay for the naming of a stadium, to own much of the advertising space around the pitch, and to have a logo on the shirt is a huge investment for Emirates Airlines. It is, however, a very basic exchange; Emirates pays money, Arsenal posts brand. From a consumer perspective, this type of marketing is useful for a brand seeking to create awareness, but not useful for creating preference or love. The love is with the team or the event, not the brand that paid for it.

Then along comes this shirt. If Emirates actually accepts (or has already accepted) this proposal to shrink their logo, they will be giving every Arsenal fan a gift. The gift of the best looking and least sullied shirt in all of football, that is a celebration of 125 years of history and tradition. Only Barcelona does it better, with no logo on their shirt.  Which is befitting of the two teams’ big Champions League matchup over two legs in the next couple of weeks – two great teams that care about the game in addition to running a great business. Not just running a business that happens to involve sport.

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