I have watched A LOT of World Cup in the past few weeks, and I am very excited about the final which I totally predicted – Spain vs Netherlands. After all, I’m Greek, which places me very close to Octopus. Speaking of national predelictions, many people like beers from their own country. Much was made […]

Last week, I told you about my Hilton Best Rate Guarantee debacle. After booking a room at the Toronto airport location, Hilton’s most senior customer service agents told me they: (a) wouldn’t be able to match a better price ($127 vs $152) for the same room on the same night that included breakfast too… BECAUSE […]

The more things stay the same, the more my perception changes. When I was a kid, the Pop Shoppe was this weird place in town where they made the soft drinks right in the store and bottled it. It cost less than regular soft drinks and was in those inconvenient glass bottles. My dad was […]

More interesting than “ERROR”. Firefox tries to exude personality even in its user interface. When I was looking after Brand Offering (winking at my former colleagues) for the world’s number one mobile company, I used to urge caution when people tried to make parts of the user experience too “interesting.” For example, there was one […]

Until last year, I didn’t know about High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS). Like anything in life, you only notice some things when you try them. I never noticed how bad American Coca Cola tasted until I spent 3 months in Costa Rica getting used to original-recipe Coca Cola. Original recipe means the sweetener is real […]

Where do you buy liquor in Ontario? The Liquor Control Board of Ontario store of course. LCBO for short. How about Manitoba? Manitoba Liquor Control Commission. The LC for short. My Manitoba-raised wife caused consternation at a Toronto dinner party the other day when she asked what brands of South American wines were available at […]

I’m finally back near the beach. Travelling to Canada and being (almost) completely responsible for 2 kids can be a real drag on one’s blog-writing. We’re thinking of travelling from Canada to London in July without kids. Here’s something for Air Canada to feel medium brand shame about; look at the direct flights from Ottawa […]

Hi, just a short one today. I’m off to Canada for an Easter Holiday. My Easter brand point: Easter Bunnies are dumb and have much more to do with welcoming Spring rather than celebrating Easter. Bunnies are popular because they’re often chocolate, and also because the story of Jesus dying painfully in sacrifice then rising […]

This is the rumoured 2010 Arsenal shirt according to Arseblog. If this actually comes together, my despair with the emptiness of sports marketing may assuage slightly. To pay for the naming of a stadium, to own much of the advertising space around the pitch, and to have a logo on the shirt is a huge […]

Yes, Microsoft listened to people and copied elements of Mac OSX to make Windows 7. Yes it finally makes PCs work faster. But I’m glad it’s not just me who finds the ad campaign uncomfortable. Here’s your Friday fun – what if Microsoft had asked a bunch of crazy people what they wanted in Windows […]