August 31, 2010

Living in Ontario

I’m back!

Things you didn’t know about the Canadian province of Ontario:

1. It’s one-tenth the size of Europe

2. It has lakes the size of Eurasian seas

3. Its official flower is the trillium

3a. A Trillium is like a Lily but it has three petals. Get it? Trilly? Trillium?

4. People love cute names like Trillium in Ontario. Like Fibe high-speed internet. Which isn’t actually Fibre Optic; it comes into your house through copper wire. Get it? Fibe? no “R”? So not really Fibre?

5. People drive in a very weird way on highways / motorways in Ontario, with trucks in the middle, people who think they’re going fast on the left, and nobody in the empty right lanes. Which means the right lane is effectively the passing lane. Which drives Europe-trained drivers like me insane.

6. They have a license plate letter/number system with a combination of 4 letters followed by 3 numbers, which means they’ve only just got to the letter “B” after 13 years in circulation. That’s some serious forward thinking in a letter number system.


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  1. Have you heard the newest version of that Ontario logo referred to as “three dudes in a hot tub”?

    Selfishly, nice to have you back in Canada.

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