Last month I wrote a post about the new all-inclusive Spanish luxury hotel near where I live in Costa Rica.  The RIU website still shows a Google map which puts the hotel about 10km away from its actual location. The offending map says the luxury hotel is in an insalubrious parking lot of a supermarket in Coco.

Yesterday I took a walk near that parking lot and saw an odd site (for Coco).  Two confused-looking men in crisp suits and guitars approached me. In very good English, one asked “Can you please tell us where the RIU hotel is?” showing me a print-out of that dastardly map.  “We took the bus here, and our session is in one hour.” They ran to the nearby taxi rank to see if they could make it to the actual location in Playa Matapalo.

I’m thinking the RIU website guys in Playa de Palma, Majorca must be playing an extremely elaborate practical joke, filming lost people in the parking lot and viewing the whole thing on a webcam.

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