Uh, uh honey don’t mess with my routine.

This is nice and cathartic talking about the burglary, so bear with me.

People need routines to make them feel at home, no matter where they are living or vacationing.  Some like to read before going to bed, others like going for a jog at a certain time.  Me, I feel at peace with the world when I make my morning coffee.   (I actually get quite anxious when my wife makes it instead of me)

My coffee is excellent because it’s one of the things I’m meticulous about.  It must be made in exactly the same way every morning, Bodum style.

  1. Boil water
  2. Put 4 ground spoonfuls of my favourite coffee (these days, it’s Cafe Milagro Dark Roast) in a Bodum
  3. Pour the boiled (but not still boiling) water over the coffee grounds, up to a special mark
  4. Press a 4 minute timer (these days I use a stopwatch, but I used to use the official Bodum one (pictured)
  5. After 4 minutes, plunge gently using only the weight of my hands
  6. Pour
  7. Bastardize the pure drink with some full-fat milk and natural sugar
  8. Start my day right

Official Bodum 4 Minute Timer

So when I finally recovered from the shock of realising my TV was gone (along with my MacBook Pro, 2 iPods, Nokia N97, Nokia N810, Nintendo DS, etc., etc.), I knew that coffee would make me realise it was all a Pamela Ewing nightmare.

No.  One of the burglars had obviously remembered that shopping list his wife had given him, and took a half-full 2 litre milk carton from my fridge to take home.    I drank black coffee (mind you, it was good) and I could feel it tearing a hole through my already-stress-acid-filled-stomach.

What’s my point? Just a few.

A) Bodum doesn’t do enough to really explain to people how to make a proper cup of coffee.  Look at their websites, there are no clear directions for the uninformed.  And you need me to make you a cup sometime.

B) Giving people a ritual is a boon for any brand.  If people buy into it, should be the basis of any kind of “energizing” marketing comms.  This was nicely covered in the Madmen Popsicle episode.

C) Burglars take what they can sell, but if they’re fairly relaxed, they’ll take what they need too.

D) Expensive stuff doesn’t matter so much.  Your people and the way you enjoy life do matter a lot.

Anyway, just to lighten up the mood, here is a fun video: Madmen Sesame Street

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