Sports bars can save you money. Here’s the calculation:

Most normal people who like sports probably really only watch about 5 full games of football / soccer / hockey a month.

Those same people have a super expensive cable package to watch those games at home – between $80 and $120.

Compare that to:

Go to Sportsbar 5 times a month, drink 2 pints of the finest microbrew beer, leave a great tip. That’s 5 x 2 x $8, or $80.

Your choice is $80 and 10 pints of beer (bar), or at least $80 and no beer (cable). Sports bars of North America unite! Organize yourselves for a marketing campaign to make average cable customers understand the cable companies are taking away their beer.

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In my next post: how getting a $50 antenna can make your cable-free-but-beer-rich-life a reality; in glorious, full 1020p HD.