December 11, 2009

The ARC Shower Bar

Target Market: People who shower.

Frame of Reference: Shower Curtain Rails

Point of Difference: Solid Aluminium bar that curves, giving 30% more space in the shower.

Emotional Point of Difference: I feel like I have the most luxurious shower even though my bathroom is very small

I stayed at a hotel in Canada last month, and the bathroom had this.  My showers were the best part of the visit. It just makes me sad that this company has such a great product, with a wonderfully descriptive yet beautiful name, but such a terrible website and marketing. It’s terrible because it doesn’t focus on the thing that makes this product great: simplicity that gives you more space.

The story they need to tell: every child and every adult dreams of having more room (or rooms) in their house.  For $50 + $25 for the curtain, anybody can have 30% more shower space and feel like a king or queen.