I have watched A LOT of World Cup in the past few weeks, and I am very excited about the final which I totally predicted – Spain vs Netherlands. After all, I’m Greek, which places me very close to Octopus.

Speaking of national predelictions, many people like beers from their own country. Much was made about Bavaria’s very cool hijack/ambush marketing play at Holland’s first game. Many critics of Fifa’s stance made Budweiser (that darn American beer) the villain; “forget the rights you paid for Budweiser, those girls were hot!”

I’d rather applaud what “Budweiser” (actually AB InBev) did to make FIFA World Cup 2010 billboards (and local country World Cup campaigns) more interesting. They picked local beers from their brand portfolio, depending on the game.

Germany – Spain featured Hasseroder

Germany – Argentina featured Quilmes and Hasseroder

Brazil – Netherlands featured Brahma

Korea and Japan games featured Harbin, a popular Chinese beer in Asia.

To the critics: please cut AB InBev some slack. They realise that people are incredibly vulnerable, emotional, sensitive, and thirsty when they are watching their own team. Win, lose, or just watch, they did their calculations and figured out how to maximize sales and brand exposure by appealing to the most vulnerable fans – the ones whose teams are playing.

As a Greek/Cypriot born and raised in Canada living in Costa Rica, I have Cypriot/Dutch first cousins so Hup Holland Hup and Oranjeboom on Sunday!