June 17, 2010

Old Spice Deodorant

I don’t know if it’s because I’m 40 now, but I suddenly like Old Spice deodorant. In Costa Rica I don’t need deodorant, because I’m constantly in and out of the water; it’s nice to detox from all the aluminum zirconium trichlorohydrex. But when in North America, the smell of a deodorant-less man can be disturbing.

Being half Cypriot, I liked this:

That's my grandparents in that village

Then I always like when the designers find a way to get the logo on the actual product, an emphasis of importance and old-school fire branding:

Wasn't the boat in that front image as well?

Finally, the boat stamp helps concerned consumers assure themselves that no gross in-store samplers have sullied the product; for once it’s applied, it looks like this:

The boat has sailed.

Nice job, Old Spice designers and brand managers; a great link to your heritage, with interesting signals throughout the experience.

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  1. Great posting. I agree, Old Spice has been one of the great inventors and reinventors of modern masculinity. I’ve worn Old Spice, well, forever, I guess because my dad did too. And what’s so funny is how people will get close to me and tell me I smell great, and then have this strange look of shock/nostalgia when they ask me what it is and I tell them it’s Old Spice.

    I’m very sad, though, that in spite of their longevity, they’ve discontinued the old school shaving soap, also with an embossed boat on the top. A lost opportunity for their faithful fans.

    Finally, to clarify, the product you show above is actually antiperspirant, and yes it’s very bad for you — sweating is good, aluminum oxide is bad. Deodorant is actually fine.

  2. Thanks Raymond, very nice points! Now I just need to find the same smell in deodorant only.

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