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I’m figuring I’ll avoid all those Indianapolis Colts players if I go a couple of weeks before the Super Bowl.

Next week, starting Wednesday 27 January 2010, is Disney World Week on

I’ll share some pictures and try to analyse (through a brand lens, and maybe some brandy too) how they make things so much fun for kids, at the same time as making some people so darn angry!

Actually, let’s start today. Check out this pricing chart for 2 adults, 1 kid, 1 toddler:

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Notice the huge jump in price from 1 day to 2 days to 3 days, a small jump to 4 days,  but then only $9 extra per day for an entire family. Why?

It’s down to the competitive situation in Orlando. Many people go to Orlando with their family for a week. 3 days at Disney World is probably enough for most people. Then what? Some people would say “let’s go to Sea World or Universal Studios Florida for a day as well.”

Screen shot 2010-01-23 at 16.13.39

It’s the first time I’ve seen prices that are both (a) super high and (b) keep you from trying alternatives. And of course there’s all the incidental money spent on those extra days.

The evil brilliance begins.

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