Last week, I told you about my Hilton Best Rate Guarantee debacle. After booking a room at the Toronto airport location, Hilton’s most senior customer service agents told me they:

(a) wouldn’t be able to match a better price ($127 vs $152) for the same room on the same night that included breakfast too… BECAUSE the competing Expedia rate included breakfast, rather than in spite of it. Terms and Conditions Gone Wild!

(b) refused to refund my original $152 booking because it was non-refundable, non-changeable… in effect not allowing me to opt for the better Expedia deal on my own.

After tiring the supervisor out with logic, she finally hinted that contacting the property directly may be the best approach. I called the Hilton Toronto Airport last Thursday, and was advised to call Nathan the duty manager on Friday.

I did one better. I was in the Toronto Airport area on Friday and I noticed the Hilton. I parked there, asked for Nathan, and gave him my story. He said “why don’t we just switch your rate to the Expedia rate and give you breakfast too?” And he did just that, in 30 seconds.

I said “You are a beacon of light and logic in a world of terms and conditions.”

There are obviously still good and normal people in the Hilton organisation. It seems quite obvious to me what the Hilton Head Office Best Rate Guarantee team should do… some guidance to their Guest Services team that says…

If a long time Hilton HHonors member makes a claim on the BRG but the lower competing rate offers breakfast as well, match the rate and give them the breakfast… so we don’t look like idiots.

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