Who-wies? Howies.

What do I like? Why do I like them?

me_drover09I like Howies Jeans because I like the quality of the materials, the design, the way they iron flat, the different colours, and the way they look different and nicer than normal jeans (product reasons).


I like Howies Jeans because I like how I’ve been treated in their only London store (on Carnaby Street, in Soho). There salespeople ask you how you are, listen to you, and are interested in helping you find what you’re looking for (Londoners know this type of customer service is not customary).  They even gave me some complimentary boxes of a really great granola cereal.

I took a picture of this on their changing room wall:

Howies Rules

Howies Rules, Philosophy and Attitude

I like Howies Jeans because of their attitude.  The picture above shows only 4.5 of their rules to live by, but those are 4.5 of the points I’d like to make in my book about how brands should be. Rule No. 1 is the most important. If you can’t get the basics right, then forget about it.  I’m keeping rules 5-20 secret, you need to visit their store in Soho to find out.

And when I’m in Costa Rica, I need Howies Jeans for different reasons than normal.  Central American mosquitoes can’t get through Howie’s jeans. Not only do I look good, but I don’t get bitten.  This should remind all of us global marketing folk how important local insights for buying / using a product are. The way you explain product benefits can vary widely depending on what people actually want; let your local marketing people explain to you why people love your product, and you’ll do better in markets you never expected to conquer.

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