Do you know the way to Tampere? (WMA, if that doesn’t work, click on the next link)

Do you know the way to Tampere? MP3 (should work better for Mac)

Click on the above file for the long-promised Tampere file. This is one of those songs that is hilarious to anyone that worked at a Finnish mobile phone company back in 2003, and less funny to most people in the world.

I was the suppressed (normal?) Finnish man with the speaking part, as well as the singer of the verses with the higher notes. Mark Stephenson was the excellent main vocalist, and a Welsh man who still works at the company was the arranger and the actual talented real musician of the group.

The song was about a career-conscious man from Finland’s second city, Tampere, trying to make his way in the big leagues in Espoo — the Helsinki suburb where the company’s headquarters are located.

If you guys like my songs, I can upload a few more of them once I manage to convert them from MiniDisc (which is worth a blog post of its own!).

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  1. This is so funny!
    Greetings from snowy Finland!

  2. Obviously I love it too. Happy New Year greetings from………. Tampere!

  3. yeehhhhaaaa!

  4. Loving the Tampere tune George. V Funny.

  5. Sorry I missed this….awesome.

  6. Being a Nokia UK engineer who’s been to Tampere, Espoo, Ruoholahti and many other places, I’ve always loved this song. Really well done!

  7. George,
    Great work on the accent!, I can just see you in the sauna, with your fellow performers, wearing only your company issued “rupper poots”, belting out this song after a few kalija’s

  8. Thanks Eric. I miss those days, maybe I’ll ask my current employer to make our Toronto office more Finnish.

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