Squirmy babies. Fidgety babies. Try putting a regular diaper (nappy) on them, especially away from home. It’s not easy.

That’s why my wife and I were so happy to pay 25% more for Pampers Easy-Up Pants vs Diapers when we lived in England.  They “go up like pants, work like Pampers.”

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Pampers Europe understands parents

Imagine my confusion when we arrived in Vancouver before our Costa Rica trip, only to discover that neither Pampers nor Huggies provides pull-on diaper pants for toddlers in Canada. The only pants available are “training pants”, which means the child feels some moisture once they’ve had a pee. This helps them toilet train.  These wet-feeling training pants are available even in sizes that fit an 18-month-old.

Pampers North America is obsessed with toilet training

Pampers North America is obsessed with toilet training

I’ll bet anyone $50 that the Pampers brand manager for Canada (and probably North America) doesn’t have any kids. Why? Because they’re relying on research. They focus-group mostly North American mothers, who cannot answer honestly.  The questionnaire goes something like this, followed by STATED, then HONEST answers.

Question 1: Would you like to start getting your child used to toilet training at 18 months old?

Pretend Answer 1: Of course, I would love to contribute positively to the environment and show everyone how excellent my child is.

Real Answer 1: Toilet training an 18-month-old is stupid.


Question 2: What’s most important to you in a diaper?

Pretend Answer 2: My baby’s comfort

Real Answer 2: My own comfort, not hearing him whine about his wetness.


Question 3: Why would you use a diaper pant?

Pretend Answer 3: To help my little treasure become a big boy and get used to wearing underwear

Real Answer 3: Because the little munchkin is annoying and I would rather spend 2 seconds putting his diaper on than 30 seconds.

P&G’s European Pampers team get it. Proper dry diaper pants are a godsend for non-perfect (most) parents. For some reason, North America’s Pampers brand manager has missed out on a very profitable opportunity. Bad parents unite: tell those partying P&G 20-somethings to make diaper products perfect for parents, not babies.

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