What the duck? Thanks to Christina Martin .

In the old days (2007), companies used to generate potential names for new products and features, test them against various Intellectual Property / trademark registers in various countries, filter out the “red light” names, check URL availability and pick whatever was left from a (usually very) short list. After the launch of iPhone 4 today, […]

Thank you for your indulgence about the two crazy Christmas cards that filled in as posts the past couple of days. I promised you I’d explain why people love these ElfYourself videos.  Answer: they make your right brain go crazy. When I was a high school student, I used to write and perform songs that […]

A very early memory for me involved a trip with my father to McDonalds on Montreal Road in Ottawa.  I was quite a daring 4 year old, devouring those delicious little burgers without much concern about the onions and mustard and pickles. The real reason I liked that McDonalds was it was near my dad’s […]

Things get screwed up.  I know because I was a head office brand guy in a previous life. This is the impressive new RIU Guanacaste luxury hotel near where I live.  It opens on November 1st.  For those who do not know Costa Rica during the rainy season (low season in tourist areas), a new […]