I haven’t been to IMAX since I was a kid, at one of the original IMAX theatres in Toronto (Ontario Place). I therefore delayed this post until I had a proper 2011 experience. I went to the IMAX version of Contagion at the downtown AMC theatre in Toronto.  After two minutes in the theatre,  I […]

Welcome to 2011. The question some Highway 401 drivers ask when they see this sign: “Why does the Ontario government, given its strict and serious highway signage rules, allow Port Hope to welcome people to their town?” Only when one actually takes the exit (or looks at a map), does one understand how Port Hope […]

Monday, Labour Day, I was driving back from Toronto’s only open mall with my family. I noticed a parade developing at an intersection of College, so I looked right for a diversion. Seeing a rather narrow street to my right, I turned onto it because it had a sign that looked like this: Where I […]

But they’re prohibited in vehicles in this parking lot in San Jose. Or is it Prohibited Loving Scenes only?

A very early memory for me involved a trip with my father to McDonalds on Montreal Road in Ottawa.  I was quite a daring 4 year old, devouring those delicious little burgers without much concern about the onions and mustard and pickles. The real reason I liked that McDonalds was it was near my dad’s […]

There are 4 decent-size supermarkets in the town near where I live (Playas del Coco).  Three of them are on the main road, and one of them (Mega Super) is hidden off a side road.  On a future post I will do a video blog of just how bad the signage leading to the store […]

Things get screwed up.  I know because I was a head office brand guy in a previous life. This is the impressive new RIU Guanacaste luxury hotel near where I live.  It opens on November 1st.  For those who do not know Costa Rica during the rainy season (low season in tourist areas), a new […]