This is an open letter to all swimming pool managers. Ever since I bought a decent pair of goggles, I’ve enjoyed swimming more. MUCH more. Who cares? You should. Before my goggles, I was going swimming once a week (whenever my son was having lessons – I couldn’t handle parent-to-parent conversations about swimming progress and […]

I love being wrong, when it’s in the name of learning. A while ago I wrote a post about foreigners in Costa Rica happily paying 40% more for American vs Mexican All-Bran. My premise: since reasonable consumers should know same-brand products are practically identical, a decision to pay significantly more must indicate consumers’ discomfort with […]

This is episode 2 of week.  I posted the video again, but I don’t know how to cut a YouTube clip down. So please refer to the 5mins30second mark. When in Houston on the way to Costa Rica, I mentioned that I was not impressed with Hershey’s (which I hadn’t sampled in a very […]

Living 10 degrees north of the Equator certainly changes the way you understand the world.  There are two seasons: rainy and summer. Days are roughly 12 hours long all year round.  And there is no summer or winter time change: there’s really no reason to change it. Venezuela went through a major time change in […]

Jamie Oliver doesn’t drink Coca Cola.  How do I know? When visiting Jamie’s Italian in Kingston last spring, I ordered a Coca Cola with my Sausage Papardelle.  I know you’re supposed to drink wine with decent Italian food, but I’ve always liked the contrast between a salty, slightly spicy Italian sausage and that sweet, bubbly […]

Who-wies? Howies. What do I like? Why do I like them? I like Howies Jeans because I like the quality of the materials, the design, the way they iron flat, the different colours, and the way they look different and nicer than normal jeans (product reasons). I like Howies Jeans because I like how I’ve been treated in […]

How can an Apple product launch depress me?  Look at this headline: Alright.  I bought a ‘new’ MacBook on October 3rd, 2009. To replace the old PowerBook (you know the drill… one of the things taken in the robbery). There was even a little “new” symbol next to the MacBook picture at the Apple Store […]