Hi, just a short one today. I’m off to Canada for an Easter Holiday. My Easter brand point: Easter Bunnies are dumb and have much more to do with welcoming Spring rather than celebrating Easter. Bunnies are popular because they’re often chocolate, and also because the story of Jesus dying painfully in sacrifice then rising […]

Molson Canadian is a popular beer in Canada. Canada became a country in 1867. Michelob is making lots of money with a low calorie beer (Michelob Ultra) in the US. Moosehead has launched a low calorie beer called Cracked Canoe (which apparently doesn’t taste great either) I would have loved to have been in the […]

Room without a view: extend into a storage unit | Life & Style. When we were preparing for our big trip out to Costa Rica, I spent a lot of time at our impressive storage unit in the suburbs of the suburbs of London. I would turn my Nokia N95 onto speaker mode and rock […]

When I grow up, I’d like to own a beautiful, and great sounding, piano. My favourite for both qualities is Steinway, one of the oldest American piano companies, and the only one left that still makes pianos in the United States. Steinway’s American manufacturing operation survives because the company operates a 3-tier, 3-brand, good-better-best strategy. Steinway […]

Dear Sennheiser Marketing Managers (including country marketing managers) Do any of you take public transportation?  You don’t.  You can’t!  How do I know? Because you are doing nothing about the scourge of every crowded public transport carriage in every major urban centre around the world – crappy little white iPod / iPhone headphones. Regular people […]

That’s right. Big Ass Fans. When I first arrived in Liberia, Costa Rica’s Daniel Oduber airport, I felt a beautiful warm breeze in the passport line. I looked up, and thought “That’s a big fan”. The blades were 24 feet long!! I put my glasses on, and fell in love with the name “Big Ass […]

Yes, Microsoft listened to people and copied elements of Mac OSX to make Windows 7. Yes it finally makes PCs work faster. But I’m glad it’s not just me who finds the ad campaign uncomfortable. Here’s your Friday fun – what if Microsoft had asked a bunch of crazy people what they wanted in Windows […]

Kikkoman Soy Sauce is the Heinz Ketchup of Japan – full of tradition, trust, and fun. In this video, Ketchup and Worcestershire sauce take a laser beam to the head in an effort to combat rising sales of both in Japan a few years ago. Shoyu. Show me. I love it.

My brand brain hurts. Remember when Johnny Carson would take vacation and Jay Leno or someone else would host the show instead? That concept is known as a guest-host. In November, my parents-in-law visited Costa Rica for a month, pioneering the post-modern concept of a host-guest. This would be akin to Johnny Carson being interviewed by […]

Target Market: People who shower. Frame of Reference: Shower Curtain Rails Point of Difference: Solid Aluminium bar that curves, giving 30% more space in the shower. Emotional Point of Difference: I feel like I have the most luxurious shower even though my bathroom is very small I stayed at a hotel in Canada last month, […]