Sports bars can save you money. Here’s the calculation: Most normal people who like sports probably really only watch about 5 full games of football / soccer / hockey a month. Those same people have a super expensive cable package to watch those games at home – between $80 and $120. Compare that to: Go […]

Car Dealer: This brand new Audi A3 is only $35,000 it has all the bells and whistles. Don’t bother going anywhere else. I guarantee you I will match the price if someone else offers you the same car for less in the next 24 hours. Consumer: Ok I’ll buy it. Fast forward to next day, […]

I’m finally back near the beach. Travelling to Canada and being (almost) completely responsible for 2 kids can be a real drag on one’s blog-writing. We’re thinking of travelling from Canada to London in July without kids. Here’s something for Air Canada to feel medium brand shame about; look at the direct flights from Ottawa […]

My conversation with an Avis representative in Florida a few months ago: Agent: Would you like to add a Where 2 GPS to your agreement? George: How much? Agent: $11.95 a day. George: Isn’t that just a Garmin Nuvi? The kind you can buy from Amazon for $100? Agent: Yes, but it’s better. It’s a […]

I’m figuring I’ll avoid all those Indianapolis Colts players if I go a couple of weeks before the Super Bowl. Next week, starting Wednesday 27 January 2010, is Disney World Week on I’ll share some pictures and try to analyse (through a brand lens, and maybe some brandy too) how they make things so […]