I walked into a Best Buy store in Toronto a few weeks ago, and asked a sales assistant: “How do I get all of the main US stations (ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, PBS) and the main Canadian ones for free, in HD?” He told me you couldn’t. The only way to view High Definition television […]

Canada is a big and small country; big in size, comparably small in population. People drive in biggish cars, live in biggish houses and malls are not that crowded. England is a small and big country; small in size, comparably very populous. People drive in smallish cars, live in small houses, and malls are very […]

Here’s a video of me doing SUP Boarding down in Costa Rica. This is a relatively new sport / exercise that has a lot of potential to become huge. The benefits: better balance, strong legs, incredibly strong core, and fun. Before any big sports brands take the plunge and dip product development (or acquisition) and […]

As a big fan of the Montreal Canadiens in the 1970’s and 1980’s, I used to collect hockey cards. The company that manufactured them was called O-Pee-Chee, and I loved the photography, having all the players’ stats on the back at my disposal, and I especially remember noticing the visual cues that signalled one year’s […]

Thanks to Paul, the webmaster of the immensely popular activist siteĀ www.love6music.com for placing my article about BBC 6 Music on the front page last week. It provided quite a few hits for my humble brand-blog. My post tried to explain what was going on through former P&G / Pepsi Marketer Tim Davie’s brand brain, explained […]

Where do you buy liquor in Ontario? The Liquor Control Board of Ontario store of course. LCBO for short. How about Manitoba? Manitoba Liquor Control Commission. The LC for short. My Manitoba-raised wife caused consternation at a Toronto dinner party the other day when she asked what brands of South American wines were available at […]

In the Dino-land area of Disney World’s Animal Kingdom theme park, there’s a small restaurant that looks like this: After a fun morning of Finding Nemo: The Musical! for the little one and various Dinosaur rides for the 6 year old, we thought we’d give this unassuming eatery a try. We ordered chicken nuggets, one […]

I tried this Burger King branded potato chip-type-snack (processed potato kind of like Pringles). Flavour Advertised: Flame Broiled Flavour Experienced: Soot, barbecue sauce and some carcinogens Tips of the day: When selling a product, make sure people understand what it is first. When selling a potato chip, try to simulate the flavour of a REAL […]

In 1901 they said nineteen-oh-one In 1910 they said nineteen-ten Nineteen-Hundred and One-Thousand-Nine-Hundred were both hard to say, so it was obvious what to do from 1910 to 1999. People saved 2 to 4 syllables by just saying Nineteen-xx instead. Two-Thousand-One was easy to say. Twenty-Oh-One sounded stupid, so people kept saying Two-Thousand-xx until today. […]