When I was a big company brand man, we used to get frequent requests to evaluate whether working with another brand (co-branding) was a good idea or not. Interbrand’s top brands list was a good source of information, as were their various rankings for specific countries. However when things got hot, we used to pay about […]

You know things aren’t right with your brand when… a) You’re part of the punchline in most jokes b) You’re in editorial cartoons every day c) Costa Rican rental car companies use you in negative co-branding ads As I was returning a car at the Avis branch near Liberia, Costa Rica, I was surprised to […]

My conversation with an Avis representative in Florida a few months ago: Agent: Would you like to add a Where 2 GPS to your agreement? George: How much? Agent: $11.95 a day. George: Isn’t that just a Garmin Nuvi? The kind you can buy from Amazon for $100? Agent: Yes, but it’s better. It’s a […]

In the Dino-land area of Disney World’s Animal Kingdom theme park, there’s a small restaurant that looks like this: After a fun morning of Finding Nemo: The Musical! for the little one and various Dinosaur rides for the 6 year old, we thought we’d give this unassuming eatery a try. We ordered chicken nuggets, one […]

In February 2009, Barack Obama visited Ottawa and ordered two maple cookies from the Moulin de Provence bakery in the city’s famous By Ward Market. When it was reported in the news, orders came flying in at a rate of 2000 a day. In December 2009, I visited Ottawa and saw this outside the bakery: […]

It was an innocent time. In 1982, people either played proper video games in arcades / convenience stores / donut shops, or they played not-so-good games on the Atari system. My friend Derek and I used to go over to this guy Kurt’s house to play Atari. Atari was fun, but Kurt’s smoking-hot mom (she […]