I just typed in “Volvo” on this Vintage Ad Browser, and it came back with lots of Volvo print ads from the old days. Very useful for presentations, but also to see illustrations of how positioning and identities of different brands have changed (or for some, remained remarkably consistent).

With the NFL playoffs happening in the States, and European football leagues + Champions League in full swing many people bet money on their own team. I’d like to present an alternative… a surefire way to balance emotional lows with financial highs, or vice versa. For important games, bet $10 against your own team. That’s […]

It was an innocent time. In 1982, people either played proper video games in arcades / convenience stores / donut shops, or they played not-so-good games on the Atari system. My friend Derek and I used to go over to this guy Kurt’s house to play Atari. Atari was fun, but Kurt’s smoking-hot mom (she […]

Target Market: People who shower. Frame of Reference: Shower Curtain Rails Point of Difference: Solid Aluminium bar that curves, giving 30% more space in the shower. Emotional Point of Difference: I feel like I have the most luxurious shower even though my bathroom is very small I stayed at a hotel in Canada last month, […]

I love being wrong, when it’s in the name of learning. A while ago I wrote a post about foreigners in Costa Rica happily paying 40% more for American vs Mexican All-Bran. My premise: since reasonable consumers should know same-brand products are practically identical, a decision to pay significantly more must indicate consumers’ discomfort with […]

The first thing most people in the YouTube comments notice about John Nese in this piece is:  he absolutely loves what he does.  It’s a wonderful brand signal when you know the owner or employees of a business love what they do and enjoy the product too.  Why is it then, that not many companies since Remington […]