You know things aren’t right with your brand when… a) You’re part of the punchline in most jokes b) You’re in editorial cartoons every day c) Costa Rican rental car companies use you in negative co-branding ads As I was returning a car at the Avis branch near Liberia, Costa Rica, I was surprised to […]

I’m figuring I’ll avoid all those Indianapolis Colts players if I go a couple of weeks before the Super Bowl. Next week, starting Wednesday 27 January 2010, is Disney World Week on I’ll share some pictures and try to analyse (through a brand lens, and maybe some brandy too) how they make things so […]

When discussing my Costa Rica move with people last summer, I would explain my objectives as (1) write a book (2) do a blog (3) learn to surf. The book’s coming along slowly, I enjoy putting together the blog, but the surfing took a backseat until a couple of weeks ago. To “ease” my way […]

Kikkoman Soy Sauce is the Heinz Ketchup of Japan – full of tradition, trust, and fun. In this video, Ketchup and Worcestershire sauce take a laser beam to the head in an effort to combat rising sales of both in Japan a few years ago. Shoyu. Show me. I love it.

I tried this Burger King branded potato chip-type-snack (processed potato kind of like Pringles). Flavour Advertised: Flame Broiled Flavour Experienced: Soot, barbecue sauce and some carcinogens Tips of the day: When selling a product, make sure people understand what it is first. When selling a potato chip, try to simulate the flavour of a REAL […]

For the un-georgepneumaticos.comified, here’s the recap. I bought a “new” Apple MacBook on October 3 in Fort Lauderdale. I was disappointed on October 21 when Apple launched a better model at the same price. I researched my options, and found out Apple’s return policy on open products is two weeks, plus a 10% restocking fee. Obviously, […]

The first thing most people in the YouTube comments notice about John Nese in this piece is:  he absolutely loves what he does.  It’s a wonderful brand signal when you know the owner or employees of a business love what they do and enjoy the product too.  Why is it then, that not many companies since Remington […]