Radio 6 Music is probably the best station in the world for educating people about, and entertaining people with, interesting music. Unfortunately, the BBC Trust has proposed to kill the station as part of cutbacks. This is being done as a precursor to further expected forced cuts once a Conservative government is elected into power […]

When discussing my Costa Rica move with people last summer, I would explain my objectives as (1) write a book (2) do a blog (3) learn to surf. The book’s coming along slowly, I enjoy putting together the blog, but the surfing took a backseat until a couple of weeks ago. To “ease” my way […]

Duracell: myGrid | Battery Charging Pad For Mobile Devices | Charging Mat. A fair question 3 years ago could have been “Who remembers life without broadband?” Last year, even late majorityans asked “Who remembers life without Wi-Fi?” If Duracell plays it right, people in 2012 may be asking “remember plugging a phone charger into the […]

There are rules to choosing a more fanciful name rather than being descriptive.  Usually I’m in favour of the descriptive approach, because it clarifies multiple elements of the broader offering under the umbrella of a more evocative brand name. However, this store in Soho (London) illustrates the limitations of a totally descriptive approach. Sometimes you […]

Is that really Alyson Hannigan?  I don’t get it. What I do get is ingredient branding.  In the book Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind, Jack Trout and Al Ries espoused the idea that a brand can only mean one thing, or be good at one thing.   Coke is the best cola, but it […]