During my 5 years back in Canada, I have been faithful to one beer brand – King Pilsener. King was a microbrewery in Nobleton (next to King City, north of Toronto) that had a very simple idea: Buy the best equipment and ingredients from the Czech Republic, and make a pilsener as good as or better than Czechvar, Pilsner […]

I haven’t been to IMAX since I was a kid, at one of the original IMAX theatres in Toronto (Ontario Place). I therefore delayed this post until I had a proper 2011 experience. I went to the IMAX version of Contagion at the downtown AMC theatre in Toronto.  After two minutes in the theatre,  I […]

Lost in grass-is-greener thought, a month before moving back to Canada, I salivated reminiscing about burgers in Canada. In particular, I remembered the trademark flavours of Harvey’s and Licks. Both restaurants pride themselves on the taste, quality, and toppings of their hamburgers, purportedly better than McDonalds and Burger King. Both Harvey’s and Licks dress the […]

My return to Ontario driving (especially busy Highway 401 driving) has been quite terrifying. In the Ontario Drivers Handbook, it looks like the approach is the same as European driving – slow traffic stays on the right, faster cars pass on the left.  The reality on highway 401 is very different, annoying and scary. My […]

I have watched A LOT of World Cup in the past few weeks, and I am very excited about the final which I totally predicted – Spain vs Netherlands. After all, I’m Greek, which places me very close to Octopus. Speaking of national predelictions, many people like beers from their own country. Much was made […]

From the Guardian: “The trust concludes that, as things stand, the case has not been made for the closure of 6 Music,” the trust ruled. “The executive should draw up an overarching strategy for digital radio. If the director general wanted to propose a different shape for the BBC’s music radio stations as part of […]

I had a dream last night that I had blond hair, and that I was working for Tim Davie, the marketing guy for the BBC. So I did a little movie about it on Xtranormal.com

Thanks to Paul, the webmaster of the immensely popular activist site www.love6music.com for placing my article about BBC 6 Music on the front page last week. It provided quite a few hits for my humble brand-blog. My post tried to explain what was going on through former P&G / Pepsi Marketer Tim Davie’s brand brain, explained […]

Molson Canadian is a popular beer in Canada. Canada became a country in 1867. Michelob is making lots of money with a low calorie beer (Michelob Ultra) in the US. Moosehead has launched a low calorie beer called Cracked Canoe (which apparently doesn’t taste great either) I would have loved to have been in the […]

When I grow up, I’d like to own a beautiful, and great sounding, piano. My favourite for both qualities is Steinway, one of the oldest American piano companies, and the only one left that still makes pianos in the United States. Steinway’s American manufacturing operation survives because the company operates a 3-tier, 3-brand, good-better-best strategy. Steinway […]