January 16, 2011

Brands I Love – Nutella



And reasons I love it.

  1. I actually consume it twice a week. I’m a user.
  2. It reminds me of breakfasts with my cousins in Greece. I have memories of it.
  3. When my kids have been extra good, I give them some. It gives me super-dad status.
  4. The logo hasn’t changed in 35 years; neither has the recipe. I’m traditional. (I do like the standard Canadian maple leaf addendum in Canada).
  5. They don’t try to stretch into other chocolate categories – it’s always a chocolate hazelnut spread. It never confuses me.
  6. The North American stuff is made in Ontario to the Italian recipe. I’m buying local.
  7. It’s a sugary chocolate spread that unashamedly sponsors the UEFA Champions League. But it uses real sugar and has lots of hazelnuts. So at least it’s kind of sporty and healthy.

Try some on really good bread – the best, most expensive stuff from the finest bakery.

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