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“The trust concludes that, as things stand, the case has not been made for the closure of 6 Music,” the trust ruled. “The executive should draw up an overarching strategy for digital radio. If the director general wanted to propose a different shape for the BBC’s music radio stations as part of a new strategy, the trust would consider it.”

I wonder where I’ve heard that before? Oh yes, here on

Now that it’s saved, even though my brand brain says rename-while-keeping-everything-else-the-same, my consumer heart says just keep everything the same; it really is a great radio station. Because of the roller coaster ride of the past few months, 6 music probably has deeper emotional connections with its listeners than any other UK radio station.

Go on! Listen.

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  1. Yay!

    I loved your Tim Davie Xtra Normal skit, hilarious. It really looked (and sounded) like him too!

    My hope is that 6Music paves the way for what a digital radio station should be, and what the BBC’s digital offer overall should stand for. 6 Music is a music service, not just a radio station. Power to the listener.

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