Things I am relearning about Canada #57: people love pumpkins. How do I know? Fruit stands around Toronto have been chock-full of small, medium and large pumpkins since late September. Mill Street Brewery is selling “Nightmare on Mill St” which by reports is spicy but not very pumpkinny. Finally, every coffee joint in town is […]

People ask me “What’s it like being back in Canada after 14 years away?”. I have a few observations: Suburbs have been commercialized, and their commercial buildings look like they’ve been designed by Tupperware. Big boxes made of ticky-tack and they all look just the same.  People love hockey a little too much, but being […]

I bought a piano the other day. It’s a Steinway Designed Boston Piano 118S (remember I was raving about their innovative long-term price / upgrade guarantee). This is a story about how I almost bought something else, all because the photographs on the web and in their brochures made my piano look bad. First, let […]

What the duck? Thanks to Christina Martin .

In my second week in Toronto, I wanted a new landline phone (to go with my new landline). Over the next few days, I’ll explain to my European and Asian readers some dysfunctional aspects to the Canadian telephone value system. Things like: (1) People think nothing of paying high monthly fees on 3-year mobile / cellphone […]

Monday, Labour Day, I was driving back from Toronto’s only open mall with my family. I noticed a parade developing at an intersection of College, so I looked right for a diversion. Seeing a rather narrow street to my right, I turned onto it because it had a sign that looked like this: Where I […]

My return to Ontario driving (especially busy Highway 401 driving) has been quite terrifying. In the Ontario Drivers Handbook, it looks like the approach is the same as European driving – slow traffic stays on the right, faster cars pass on the left.  The reality on highway 401 is very different, annoying and scary. My […]

I’m back! Things you didn’t know about the Canadian province of Ontario: 1. It’s one-tenth the size of Europe 2. It has lakes the size of Eurasian seas 3. Its official flower is the trillium 3a. A Trillium is like a Lily but it has three petals. Get it? Trilly? Trillium? 4. People love cute […]

A wise woman once told me, an idle blog is a dead blog. I’m hoping it’s just hibernating. We’ve moved from Costa Rica and are now trying to figure out our next steps. Next steps take energy and brain power, so I’m going to focus on that for a few weeks. Please mark September 1 […]